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    About Me

    Not quite a programmer but a bloke who likes to tinker, hence this site. But it allows me to dabble in HTML and Python [etc.], but without really achieving anything of substance. I am/was also interested in data compression, so have included some compression benchmarks, links etc.
    A bit about me, I am in my early fifties, married with two children and I work in the NHS [Biomedical Engineering], only the very simple stuff though. :o)
    Apart from the computer stuff, I also enjoy motor cycles [riding them, not cleaning them], currently riding a BMW R1200C – see bikes page.
    Apart from the computers and the motor cycle stuff, I also listen to most older music, especially heavy metal and prog rock – See Listening Now.
    Apart from the computers, motor cycles and the music stuff, I like rambling in the woods.
    Apart from the computers, motor cycles, music and the rambling in the woods stuff, I like camping.
    Apart from the computers, motor cycles, music, rambling in the woods and the camping stuff, I like stuff in the colours of black, purple and silver.

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